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TRegExpr library   TRegExpr library    

TRegExpr - Freeware Delphi Regular Expressions Library

Easy to use and powerfull tool for sophisticated search and substitutioning and for template-based text input check.

Just look how it's simple to work with text from bird's eye view, free Your mind from old-styled procedural text processing, increase Your productivity!

You can validate e-mail adresses, extract phone numbers or ZIP-codes from web-pages or documents, search for complex patterns in log files and all You can imagine! Rules (templates) can be changed without Your program recompilation!

Full source code included, pure Object Pascal. Thus, You need no DLL! The library source code is compatible with Delphi 2-7, Borland C++ Builder 3-6, Kylix, FreePascal

As a language for rules used subset of Perl's regular expressions (regexp).
Do not miss the best tool for regular expressions authoring RegExp Studio!

Unicode support.

Documentation is available in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Bulgarian,
TRegExpr downloads   TRegExpr downloads    

TRegExpr downloads

TRegExpr with documentation Documentation Translation contributor
WinHelp (.hlp) On-Line
 TRegExpr 0.952 & English help 0.952
ZIP (118K)
RAR (102K)


 TRegExpr 0.952 & Russian help 0.952


 TRegExpr 0.952 & Bulgarian help 0.942


 TRegExpr 0.952 & German help 0.947


 TRegExpr 0.952 & French help 0.942


 TRegExpr 0.952 & Spanish help 0.947



Previous version   TRegExpr 0.947.

Mirrors (attention! they often distribute old version) at: DelphiCity, Torry, Delphi Pages.

You can add Your comment to the guestbook.

What developers are saying

Jelmer Vos, Netherlands

I just want to say that TRegExpr is great. It is so functional why does Borland put TRegExpr default in Delphi? Is is so cool for a programmer. I do not send such e-mails, but for this I do, because I just want to say thanks! :) And I hope that you are developing TRegExpr in de future so it will even greater and better. If someone ask me for a good RegEx component/unit for Delphi I wil alway give your homepage! :)

Matthias Fichtner

thanks again for your great RegEx implementation. I use it so often, I wouldn't know what to do without it. :)

Damien Mangin, France

thank's a lot for your amazing work with the TRegExpr library ! I spent hours trying to embed perl into Delphi program (embedded-perl), before trying your implementation, which works just fine !

Sony Arianto Kurniawan, Indonesia

Thanks for your great regex library for delphi. I'm using it in my application and perhaps i always use it in all of my app ;) Many of my app is get data from internet and parse it, so i think your regexpr is powerful

Diego Calp, Argentina

Your work is excellent, congratulations! I'm working with Excel DDE connection, parsing strings like '[BUDGET.XLS]Main table'!R10C10:R30C12, piece of cake with your library!!

Fernando Leandro Fernandes, Brasil

I'm very excited for using regular expressions in my projects... it's a very powerful tool

Arjuna Diaz, USA

I've been using your regexp package in my personal software for a while now, whenever I need broad matching capabilities. Great job! Very easy to use. Also, I used to work at Bell Labs, so I'm a little familiar with stuff.

Atli Björgvin Oddsson, Iceland

Like your Delphi Regular expression component a lot! Easy to use and comes with good examples. This should be included with standard Delphi! :)

Passeggieri Filippo, Italy

I really like TRegExpr!!!! many compliments for that great components! You really did a good job! Many Thanks Andrey.

Fabian, Germany

I am using your RegExpr Component for a long time now with pleasure

David Lang, Austria

I've been using your Delphi regular expressions package, and find it extremely powerful. I thank you for your efforts.

Martin Ledoux, Quebec, Canada

Thank's a lot for this very good class, this is a very usefull and powerfull one. I have big projects with this one.

Knud Ole Reffstrup, Denmark

I am a teacher. The Danish teachers in Computer Science have just held their annual meeting, and I held a presentation, where I introduced the subject Regular Expressions with examples from Perl, Delphi (using your unit) and JavaScript. I find your unit very versatile and easy to use. The fact that it is distributed as a unit and not a component to be installed in the Delphi-system makes it particularly attractive.

Edan P.

After searching for a good regular expression parser on the net, I came across your component, and was very impressed. It got everything I need, and its just a unit that can easily be added to my project.

Ramanujan M.S.S, India

Thanks for the nice component. It will save hours of coding for searching things out from the strings. Great thought.

Martin Baur, Switzerland

I was always lurking for some thing like TRegExpr in native Delphi code ... you gave it to us and this is what need some honorable metion.

Simeon Lilov, Bulgaria

I used TRegExpt to make a DLL and now I use this DLL in Progress 4GL. And it works just fine! I did'n encounter any problems yet. I like TRgExpr very much! You have done great work!

Craig Peterson

We are using RegExpr in the new version of our product, Beyond Compare 2.0 and would be very happy to give you a free license as thanks for your great component.

David Gerrald, USA

Keep Up the good work!

shukaiyong, China

Your TRegExpr is very useful, Thanks.

Jon Smith

I would like to thank you for a most excellent component! It is truly a joy to use and solves a very troublesome programming problem with ease and elegance.

© 2004 Andrey V. Sorokin, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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