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RegExp Studio
Application for visual regular expressions development (designing, exploring, debuging and profiling). If You don't see the application in 'RegExpStudio' folder of Your TRegExpr distribution package, You can download RegExp Studio from TRegExpr home page.

With help of RegExp Studio, You can easely jump to any r.e. subexpression (in r.e. source code as well as in current search results), check syntax errors, profile r.e. execution using precise time measurement, play with Substitude and Replace templates and so on.

RegExp Studio has customizable r.e. repository with common regular expressions and r.e. learning examples. You can use this repository to store Your own regular expressions as well as 'test-cases' for them.

Also RegExp Studio provides access to 'internal secrets' of TRegExpr - You can explore p-code of pre-compiled regular expressions and performe fine tunning and optimization.

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