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Andrey V. Sorokin
Saint Petersburg, Russia, (

Please, if You think You found a bug or have any questions about TRegExpr, download latest TRegExpr version from my home page and read the FAQ before sending e-mail to me!

No doubt I have long 'Disclaimer' text for the software (just curious who's reading such a things, except lawers 8-)).

All the documentation was made with Help&Manual - the best help authoring tool with native Delphi integration!

Many features suggested and a lot of bugs founded (and even fixed) by TRegExpr's contributors.
I cannot list here all of them (actually I kept listing only on very early stage of development), but I do appreciate all
bug-reports, features suggestions and questions that I am receiving from You.

· Guido Muehlwitz - found and fixed ugly bug in big string processing  
· Stephan Klimek - testing in CPPB and suggesting/implementing many features  
· Steve Mudford - implemented Offset parameter  
· Martin Baur ( - German help, usefull suggetions, free hosting for the project  
· Yury Finkel - implemented UniCode support, found and fixed some bugs  
· Ralf Junker - Implemented some features, many optimization suggestions  
· Simeon Lilov - Bulgarian help  
· Filip Jirsák and Matthew Winter - help in Implementation non-greedy mode  
· Kit Eason many examples for introduction help section  
· Juergen Schroth - bug hunting and usefull suggestions  
· Martin Ledoux - French help  
· Diego Calp, Argentina -Spanish help  

And many others - for big work of bug hunting !

I am still looking for person who can help me to translate this documentation into other languages or correct existed translations (some of them is for older versions only)

© 2004 Andrey V. Sorokin, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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