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Audio Mpeg(mp3) frame headers, ID3v1 for Delphi !

Freeware (with full source) Delphi library for fast extracting header information from mp3 (MPEG 1, 2 Layers I, II, III) files and for working with ID3v1.1 tags (read/write).
Supports Xing VBR (variable bitrate) format !
Demo project included.

TAudioInfo Version 1.30 (2004.01.11)

Download audioinf.ZIP (22K)
Download audioinf.RAR (17K)

TAudioInfo usage

My tiny article at with example of TAudioInfo usage.

MPEG (MP3) files headers structure

You can find detailed description of mpeg headers and ID3v1.1. Sorry, it's russian only. Some information in English you can take from Gustav Munkby page and

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