TRegExpr library implements regular expressions in pure Delphi.

Github repo

Now it’s included into Lazarus (Free Pascal).

TRegExpr is easy to use and powerfull tool for sophisticated search and substitutioning and for template-based text checking (especially usefull for user input validation in DBMS and web projects).

You can validate e-mail adresses, extract phone numbers or ZIP-codes from web-pages or documents, search for complex patterns in log files and all You can imagine! Rules (templates) can be changed without Your program recompilation!

As a language for rules used subset of Perl’s regular expressions (regexp).

Full source code included, pure Object Pascal. Thus, You need no DLL! The library source code is compatible with Delphi 2-7, Borland C++ Builder 3-6, Kylix, FreePascal (if You see any incompatibility problems, please. drop the bug-report to author).

Documentation in English, Russian, German, Bulgarian, French and Spanish available at TRegExpr home page

Installation is very simple, the implementation encapsulated completely into class TRegExpr.

Demos projects and usage articles illustrate simplicity and power of text processing with the library.

If You need Unicode (so called ‘WideString’ in Delphi) - see How to use unicode.